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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PST

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>> i think, for example, one of the things mark brought up what happened to those signs that used to say if the construction parking wasn't being used by a certain hour then it reverted back to public parking? >> that's a policy. >> i don't see those any more. >> they may not put them up but there's a law about it. >> i don't see them. >> if they don't show up. >> these are the kinds of things that are great. obviously what's recorded here, your questions, i can take that and ask the departments. just hearing the conversation we have our entertainment businesses good neighbor policies perhaps the commission could draft up, you know, a good sort of business neighborhood policy for especially for our private -- especially private construction projects that the planning department can incorporate into the entitlement process. >> maybe if we closed it to
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the relevant folks, we'd like to invite them for a conversation about -- rather than -- the other is we want you to come in and give us a report. >> right, right. >> but just have a conversation about what's currently in place and what some of the feedback we're getting from our respective neighborhoods and where we might be able to work together to figure out how to make some improvements. >> not just the bad, the good too. when you said the castro street widening project, mohammed, i gave him a ton, a ton of credit with him wanting to do it all in one fatal swoop rather than dragging it on for six months. >> not fatal swoop. >> mohammed is awesome in how they handled that project. you know, everybody is happy with the way they handled that. >> all right, okay. so the --
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great, all right, so i will work on that and i will confirm that, you know, we will be able to have the departments available for the 9th. all right, so we are now officially closing item no. 5. so moving on to item no. 6 is the election of officers the small business commission president. in accordance with the commission's rules of order, article 2, section 3, the election of the president must occur at the regular meeting of the commission in january of each year. the president shall serve a term of one year and shall be elected upon vote of the commission. this is an action item. and commissioners generally the procedures are that nominees are made and nominees have the opportunity to make a statement
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and then action is taken in order of which the nominations are submitted. >> okay i would like to nominate mark dwight for president of the commission. >> i will second. >> any other nominations? >> thank you. >> would you like to make a statement? >> i would be delighted and honored to serve as president if elected. >> okay, do we want to --. >> well, we have -- you nominated, seconded by commissioner yee riley so we will i think go into roll call. >> and the nominations are closeclosed. >> nominations are closeclosed. >> i'd like to take public comment on this. do i have any public comment on the election of president?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right, i shall take roll call. commissioner adams, yes. commissioner dooley, yes. commissioner dwight, yes. commissioner ortiz-cartagena, (inaudible). commissioner yee riley, yes. commissioner tour-sarkissian , yes. >> it is unanimous for commission dwight as our new president. >> thank you very much. >> moving on to item no. 2 is election of officers, small business commission vice president. in accordance with the commission's rules of order, article 2, section 3, the election of the vice president shall occur at the regular meeting of the commission in january of each year. the vice president shall serve a term of one year and
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shall be elected upon vote of the commission. and the same procedures follow in terms of nominations. >> okay. >> all right? >> we have a nomination for vice president. >> i nominate commissioner white. >> i will second that nomination. >> commissioners, since we do have a commissioner who is nominated and not present i have confirmed with the city attorney that the commission may go ahead and take action should they desire. >> have we confirmed her willingness to do so? >> yes, she is at an emergency. >> we would like to take public comment on item no. 7, the election of the vice president. >> are there any other nominations? sorry. >> nominations are closed,
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correct? >> no, it's still open. >> three, two, one. now they are closed. do we have public comment on the election of a vice president? seeing none, public comment is closed. director. >> all right, roll call. commissioner adams for the election of commissioner monetta white for vice president. yes. commissioner dooley, yes. commissioner dwight, yes. commissioner ortiz-cartagena. commissioner yee riley, yes. commissioner tour-sarkissian, yes. prrp and it is unanimous. item 10, president's report. >> i have nothing to report other than thank you everybody
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for your support that i have had the last 3 years as president and i'm looking forward to just being a commissioner. i'm looking to just being out there and representing small business. >> well i want to personally thank you for all the service that you have provided and direction and support to me and the staff at the office over the last 3 years. >> likewise, you've done a great job. it's frankly intimidating to me, you are so plugged in, not only to your own neighborhood but everything else in the city, going to take me a while to get even half the bredth of plugged-inness that you are. >> i think you're plugged in pretty well. >> i'm plugged in to dog patch . >> item 11 is vice president's report. the vice president is
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not here so shall we move on? >> next item. >> item no. 12 is commissioner's report. this allows commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. >> commissioner dooley. >> i wanted to report that i've been working with the tenants of the flower market and they have now formed a tenant's association and elected a board and they are now in active negotiations with the developer who has purchased the property and are hopeful they will find a way to create leases and plans that will benefit both the developer and the tenants. this is the first time in about 50 years that all the tenants have joined together as they did originally 50 or 60 years ago to form an association of mutual interest
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and it's pretty exciting to see that democracy in action. >> great. commissioner dwight. >> i just wanted to report that i attended the mayor's state of the city address so we were represented there. and it was great, there was an extraordinarily inspiring presentation to start it off by a woman from the bayview which was just brought tears to people's eyes. the mayor's address was fantastic as well. it's really been interesting to watch his speaking style as he's gone forward. he's very composed and it was really well done and it was in the new produce mart which was interesting. it's not yet occupied but the building is completed and looks like it's going to be a great thing. >> it's pretty cool down there. >> literally, it's a little chilly there but it's a nice facility for the produce
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industry. they have a couple primary tenants already so that was great. >> there at 4:00 in the morning, it's like a city unto itself. >> secondly, i am joining the city hall centennial committee. this is the hundred year anniversary of the completion of this fine building in 1915 and my great great grandfather was a scotish immigrant whose company was the stone company, the granite company, that not only quar quarried and cut and set the stone here. we had a presentation at the chamber of commerce our last board meeting at the chamber of commerce and mayor brown was there along with the committee head, a fellow by the name of richard peterson, who is heading up the committee. it was a passing of the hat, raising $4 million, but i'm going to get involved and see if i can't, these things always get away from
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small business sometimes and i want to see if i can't in the process make sure some small businesses are involved. in fact they are planning a big lighting ceremony and that lighting equipment will stay after the ceremony which will be in june and a lighting consult taepbs out of dog patch is the contractor on that. i will see our small business interests are represented in the city hall centennial activities. >> the historical society has taken this year's program throughout the city and they have a lot of programs scheduled inviting different communities to participate. remind that you a lot of state, a lot of countries were represented in 1915. it was a year-long activity. and this is a good topic to kind of
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think about as to how we can, as a commission, bring the small business perspective. >> that's a great idea and maybe, again, inviting someone from that organization to have a conversation with us because this year is also in june the united states mayor's conference coming back to san francisco. it was here in 1997, i think. so hundreds if not thousands of mayors will be here in june. as a matter of fact, the lighting ceremony for the city hall is planned coincident with that so the mayors will all be able to see this. and so there's a lot going on this year and maybe we could have someone from the historical society come in if they have a bunch of things planned. >> i'm actually involved with the hundredth anniversary of the ppie so i can definitely help with that.
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>> representing some of these communities at a meeting with the historical society. i think they would welcome kind of an initiative on our part and would take care of the, of exposing how our initiative, if any. i have to say that their kick off event is in february beginning of february. so if we want to be part of that, and i think it's quite an important, you know, event in the city and county of san francisco --. >> february 3rd is the kick off. >> let's get the information to each of us. >> that afternoon is the commission meeting, february 23rd. >> it's the friday, the friday of that week is the kick off, it's the same day the world's
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fair opened a hundred years ago. >> is that the 26th? >> so it would be the 26th. >> and it's a year-long -- was a year-long event in the city. so we can fit in 10 months of --. >> right, because the auditorium and the city hall was built for the same event. >> all right. >> my birthday is on the 27th, in case anyone wants to know. >> commissioner yee riley. >> it's not my centennial, by the way. >> i was on the panel for the interview of the candidates for jane gong's position. we finished the first round and second round and the last interview is this friday. hopefully we will be able to fill that position real soon. >> any other commissioner reports? let's go to general public comment. do we have any members of the public who have
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items for future meetings? seeing none, public comment is closed. our next item, new business. i think we talked about the construction. >> is there any other new business that the commission has that wasn't addressed under --. >> other than understanding the historical society and other, whatever --. >> whatever we can do to promote small businesses. >> all right. so item no. 14 is now closed and item no. 15 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. we are adjourned. thank you, everybody. (meeting adjourned).present.
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>> >>at this time i'm going to turn the meeting over to my vice president because i have asthma and i think he can carry through. thank you. >>thank you. richard, would you announce some changes to the treatment of the agenda, please? >>if you all look at page three on the agenda please note that vice president seriina will not be calling the agenda items in that order. >>thank you. >>the items will be called in the following order: item e, item i item j item f item h and item g. with that modification i ask for
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a vote to approve the agenda. >>approve. seconded. >>all in favor, any opposed. thank you, the motion carries. >>i would like to also make a slight change in the agenda and move the employee recognition of after my report if that's possible. >>absolutely. any objection to changing the agenda? thank you. item number 3 approval of a consent agenda. >>so moved. >>second. >>thank you. any discussions? any comments from the public? all in favor? >>i. >>any opposed? thank you, the motion carries. item number 4 approval of the december 23, 2014 meeting minutes. any modifications or changes to the minutes?
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any comments or changes from the public. hearing none motion to approve. >>approve. >>second. >>any opposed. thank you, the motion carries. . now item number 5 director's report, ann hinton. >>good morning president james, seriina and commissioners, just a few things to report. first of all i want to thank deputy mcfadden for taking responsibility in replacing me of december in washington dc at a board meeting and having visits on the hill and that's where i want to start with my report in terms of things that have been happening since i saw you. you know that congress was able to reach a budget agreement so we are not having a continuing resolution at this point, we
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actually have the budget in place and that budget although not having all the things that we were certainly advocating for when the board was in dc in early december it had one thing in it that was a very pleasant surprise and that was that for the very first time congress has provided $4 million for the elder justice act initiative and this is something that's been in place for years but has never been funded and there was a lot of concern that if there wasn't funding put into the budget at this point the act itself might go away and have to start all over with that. the president has, in his budget, asked for more money for this, in which wasn't funded to the full amount he asked for, but to have 4 million in first time funding i think is significant in the funding
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itself not so much in the dollar amount. 4 million for the entire country won't go very far, but will give the administration of community living additional dollars to build on the platform that they have become which is to direct data from across the country so they can start looking at what does elder abuse look like across the state and provide information to us so i think that was just really great news. some of the disappointing news was that money for the adult and disability resource centers 10 million of the 16 million that funds that program for across the country, 10 million of that was in play since early fall. and that 10 million was not refunded so $16 million program has now gone to 6 million. it was something that wasn't funded at its maximum anyway so we're waiting to see now what
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fallout there will be. san francisco has been implementing an adult with disability resource model with very little of this kind of funding anyway so i think we're going to be find but i think watching what happens in the rest of the state will be important as we were really hoping for sites across the state, so no matter where an older adult or family would be they would be able to access that site and move from county to county as they needed to be. we'll have to see what happens. i think there will be more advocacy on this issue from now until the spring so we'll have to see on that. we also -- if you remember a couple of years ago we had legislation in congress that's requiring reductions for the next ten years we're in our third year now. those cuts are still in place. we were hoping to get back to the 2010 2012 funding levels
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but that was not to be. but i think we had been expect that would be the case. there was a little flurry of excitement on the hill one of the day i was there. we thought that the older americans act was going to move. it looked like both senators in deep conversation over this and over the funding formula had reached a come promietdz compromise, but things have not happened. it's interesting to be there when things are flying and fast and furious and then at the end of the day you're back to where you were. i think that's most of the life lights on the budget. the state budget we're still waiting to see what comes from
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that what the governor will suggest. we know our city and county budget is in better shape than it's opinion for a number of years so the mayor has issued directions tomorrow afternoon i feel think at 3:00. somebody's going to nod to me. 3:00 tomorrow there is a budget meeting, everyone's invited to that so if you want to hear more details, but at the january -- at our next meeting you will be getting all the details around it but safe to say we won't be doing any program reductions like we have done in previous years and we're looking forward to a much better time in this year's budget. i have two other things i have wanted to report on. one is that the sheriff has convened a group of people to discuss the older adult population that's in custody and this is a meeting that he's been trying to pull people together to for a while now. kathy davis, day view hunters
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point, senior services was at the table. and of course members of his own team were there and i think this is one of what's going to be probably many meetings moving toward a much larger convening of people to really look at what's happening to the population there. and i say old earler adults bewe're really talking about people in their 50s and up because many of the people coming into custody now in that age range have cognitive impairment so i think it will be a very interesting conversation with not such easy solutions, both to -- is resolutions to things while people are in custody may be easier to reach than to do when people are released but it's going to be interesting. and the last thing i wanted to talk about today is that linda
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lau, our nutritionist is going to join me for this part of my report. i'm going to send this around because i want you to have a chance to look at it. this was a gift from a group that was here from america samoa a couple months ago. i wanted linda to share with you what she has -- what she has been doing with this group of folks. some time ago the regional office, the federal regional office here in san francisco asked linda if she would provide support and resource and some direction to a group of people in america samoa. the idea was that there were no nutrition programs there, no nutrition sites and how to get things up and running. and so not only did linda do that but on the recent visit that they had here to the city, they got around to visit some of
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our sites. as linda will tell you they now have more than one site. it is really an exciting program and i just really -- kudos to linda, but it was great to have of course, the feds ask the san francisco triple a to be part of this initiative so linda, i'm going to turn it over to you. >>good morning commissioners. just a little background the american samoa had asked us to share some best practices and resources with them. as was mentioned, they don't have any home deliver meal programs, but they were receiving title 3c federal money for these programs and what they were doing for over 20 years was providing a food voucher which
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they can use in any grocery stores for anything they want so there was little control over what kind of food but in essence it didn't meet the guidelines for the older americans act. and so in july 2013 they asked and we were fortunate to have our department agree to provide that support to them and they basically -- we share best practices. they made a visit to san francisco in january, 2014 to visit a few of our centers, including third street senior center santon latino and the samoan community development center which we offer samoan hawaiian style meals. that was one of the impetus was
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on how to provide that and activities for the seniors. so we did. it took them a little over a year-and-a-half to get everything together so i wanted to show you some brief slide shows that they had shared with us and a little bit of highlights of what happened during the visit. so this is the american samoa and their mission is to provide the best services with the utmost respect in order to be perpetuate and maximize the happiness and well being of american samoan senior citizens. this is -- you probably can't see the organizational chart here but i thought it was very interesting because their organization's very different. on the very top is the governor for the american samoan government and right below that is their director and we


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